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Fashion / Post - 9 months ago

My Latest Outfits on Instagram

2018 has been a busy one so far. This year has been dedicated to getting my new faith-biased Instagram account (@my_darling_diary) off the ground and running, as well as making travel a priority. Being young, single, and having a business with flexib...

Fashion / Post - 10 months ago

2 Shoes, One Dress

I’m a 2-shoes, one-dress kinda gal.  It’s amazing what you can do with your wardrobe when you have versatile closet pieces and the right accessories. Which ones you ask? I just browsed the accessorized online storefront of and I...

Fashion / Post - 10 months ago

How to Mix High & Low Fashion

I’m not sure if you’ll ever see me styling myself in simply only luxury and designer fashion. An accessory or two, yes, but when it comes to outfitting – I’m all about mixing low-priced fast-fashion with luxury pieces and find...