How to Mix High & Low Fashion


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I’m not sure if you’ll ever see me styling myself in simply only luxury and designer fashion.

An accessory or two, yes, but when it comes to outfitting – I’m all about mixing low-priced fast-fashion with luxury pieces and finding the right balance between the high with the low. Today, I’m so excited to partner with Nordstrom and chat about how their shiny doors and online stores carry it all: high to low fashion and right back to the designer and luxury high. What I’m wearing today? The highs of all things fashionista – Gucci’s Soho Disco Leather Bag: the most heart-eyed and versatile accessory on the shelf. It’s on preorder because it’s that popular, but you won’t regret getting on the list. I’ve had my eye on this designer staple not only because of the timeless design, but also the versatile color — and I’m so excited to sport this baby for lots of darling wear. The next brand I’m fashioning? The queen of fast fashion: Topshop. If you’re a regular follower,  you know I’m a big fan of fast-fashion pieces because I don’t like overpaying for items that don’t get enough wear. The answer? Brands like Topshop. They have the quality in the bag + deliver on trends and style. Plus, the lower price tag is a big plus and Nordstrom’s got them all. This Topshop Ruffle Minidress is a chic stunner for summer and I love pairing it with the Gucci Disco bag. Last but certainly not least, these Celine sunglasses prove that Nordstrom really is the destination for a broad assortment of eye-candy baubles.

I’m such a sucker for this chic summer outfit. Mouse on over the thumbnails to shop my favorite picks at Nordstrom below. XO

Thank you, Nordstrom, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Photos by Divina Stennfeld